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High School

High school is a time of self-discovery and preparation.  Trajectories for our students’ careers are charted at Valley through thoughtful college and career planning, exploring new skills, hands-on labs and projects, the judicious use of technology, and challenging academics. Continued emphasis on service to our community sets the Valley graduate apart as they apply to colleges. 

The small class sizes at Valley allow your student the freedom and the opportunity to participate in activities including speechathletics  robotics, and choir. Friendships made throughout these years are often ones that will last a lifetime. Even the substitute teachers that spend time in our building notice the healthy, encouraging friendships our students have. They also find our high schoolers to be dedicated students who are energized to learn with amazing attitudes.

Valley students have averaged an ACT score that is 4.4 points higher than the state-wide average.

Some of our students favorite activities are:

  • In Chemistry, students choose an element they are interested in.  They then prepare and teach a lesson for the whole class which includes a demonstration. The students’ creativity in presenting is fun to see!  
  • Since Valley is a self-contained kindergarten through 12th grade building, our Psychology students are able to work directly with Elementary and Middle School students. This allows them to work one-on-one with different age children during their Psychology lifespan development unit.
  • Each year in Physics, students build a Rube Goldberg Machine (the style made famous in Rube Goldberg’s cartoons featuring a machine that accomplishes something complex that could have been done simply).  Over the past several years the students have created a machine with at least 12 steps to put toothpaste on a toothbrush, to give a socially distanced high five, and to apply hand sanitizer.
  • Valley coordinates with Cedar Valley Career Connections to allow students to job shadow twice a year in fields they are interested in.  Our students have ridden along with police officers, visited the set where they assisted with the KWWL news, observed surgeries, met with families for social welfare checks, and studied animal rehabilitation among many others.
Our graduates are sought after by colleges throughout the nation and they have gone on to become mechanical, civil, and computer science engineers, public health officials, business owners, teachers, pastors, and proudly serve in our armed forces. To find out more about how Valley seeks to graduate students who are rock solid in their faith and who are academically ready for the unique calling God has for their life by setting up an Educational Success Consultation today.
By the Grace of God, Valley Lutheran School strives to inspire students by strengthening faith in Christ, pursuing academic excellence and preparing hearts for service.
Our vision is to set the standard for excellence and innovation in Christian Education.
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